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No XC Challenge in 2009

The Organization of the Caribbean XC Challenge wishes to inform everyone that there will be no comp in 2009. We are taking a year off!

We wish everyone a great flying season and hope to see you next time!


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What's new for the 2008 Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge?

1st. We are staying at the Marriot in Santiago! The Courtyard Marriott is a world class hotel, with free Wi-Fi Internet, swimming pool and all the facilities to assure a pleasant stay.

2nd. Non-flying accompanying family and friends will go on day-tours to many beautiful locations, enjoying Dominican natural reserves, cities and even the beach!

3rd. Regarding the flying itself, you will be able to team up with your mates and compete for the team’s podium!

The competition dates are Feb 17th - Feb 23rd 2008. Check the rest of the site for the details...

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2008 Ozone Caribbean XC Challenge
Feb 17th - Feb 23rd

The Caribbean XC Challenge is quickly becoming a classic. After the great success of the 2006 and the 2007 events in the Dominican Republic, the people promoting our tropical paradise as a world-class paragliding destination, Caribbean Free Flying, are once again bringing you a unique opportunity to come and fly in awesome scenery with the perfect excuse: a paragliding XC competition aimed at cross country pilots, sponsored by Ozone Gliders.

Few rules and plenty of freedom... No tasks, no start windows, no goal lines... just you, your glider, the mountains and the gorgeous Caribbean sky!

It is an open format distance competition, allowing pilots to choose their route as they fly. Competitors arrive at takeoff, decide when to go, where to fly to and when to land. Pilots can also register in groups and collaborate day by day to bring their Team to the podium.


Flight verification and scoring software courtesy of SeeYou©

Local PG Association supporting the Organization

Once again, XC guru Jocky Sanderson will bring his expert advice and coaching to help you maximize the fun and safety of your XC route.

Julian Molina, the mastermind behind the Challenge, believes that this format allows competitors to make the best out of the flying conditions for any given day, and encourages them to fly at their own pace and within the safety margins of their skill. Everyone loved the free flying format and scoring system in 2006 and 2007, therefore we will be using the same in 2008.

Pilots arrive on Sunday 17th February and the comp starts on Monday 18th for 6 days of the best XC flying. Transportation, accommodation and breakfast are included in the registration fee! There is a great offer for non-flying family and friends too!

You will find all the info regarding the event on the rest of the pages in this web site; so take a minute to surf around. The number of competitors is limited to 120 so begin planning your winter flying trip now!

Flying in Casabito
(Photo courtesy of Ojovolador.com)


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